LW "Switch Blade"

Our LW “Switch Blade” is a knife handle with interchangeable blades that you can change with the turn of a screw. Now you can have a variety of our high-performance blades at a significantly reduced price, utilizing one handle. Any of the blade shapes that we make for the APT can be used, as well as any of the round knife shapes, the Tranto, Skiver, and DG trim knife. Handle material will be whatever we are working with at any given period of time. If you have a special request, please contact us. Review and select options below.

Switch Blade Handle: $75

Round Knife blade styles: $95

Tranto, Skiver, or DG trim knife blade styles: $75

APT blade styles: $45

Complete set: $290

"Switch Blade" picture handle is Spalted Tamarind with Wharncliffe blade, Traditional Round Knife, and Tranto blades.

Each one of our knives is handcrafted using Crucible's CPM 20CV, an exotic high-performance stainless steel vanadium alloy, heat treated with a triple temper and cryo to 58-59 Rc. This high-performance flagship alloy was designed to give you a durable, razor-sharp edge that is easily maintained with regular stropping.

Please note: There is currently a minimum of 16-20 weeks turnaround on all our hand-crafted knives. Delivery date provided at time of order.

Leather Wranglers All Purpose Trim Knife
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Price $75.00

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